The main motivation to visit Granada was to see the Alhambra, as well as the desert landscapes nearby. The Alhambra is a fortress-like facility made up of a series of palaces and surrounding gardens constructed under the order of Moorish Sultans over 600 years ago. With the help of Peter Manschot, the top two images shown are outside views of the Alhambra complex from Granada’s city streets; other images from Peter’s tours include the Guadalquivir and Hoya-de-Guadix Badlands northeast of Granada, as well as El Torcal de Antequera Nature Park west of Granada.

Alhambra755-19: Afternoon view of the Alhambra grounds from the east.
Alhambra Series Composite: View at sunset from the north.
Alhambra670-19: A view from one of the palaces.
Generalife719-19: Generalife grounds surrounding the Alhambra.
AlhambraCeiling532-19: Ceiling detail in one of the palaces.
Alhambra622-19: View from one of the courtyards.
AlhambraCeiling663-19: Ceiling detail from one of the palaces.
Alhambra658-19: View into the Courtyard of the Lions.
Alhambra628-19: Opposite view from the Courtyard of the Lions.
Alhambra642-19: Ceiling cupola detail.
Alhambra590-16: Wall detail in one of the palaces.
Generalife726-19: Gardens around the Alhambra.
Alhambra572-19: More ceiling details.
Alhambra646-19: More wall detail.
Alhambra613-19: Another courtyard view in the palaces.
Acequia-del-Toril373-19: Fern and ivy growing on carbonate walls near a hot-springs resort northeast of Granada.
GuadalquivirBadlands-364-19: Primitive road in the badland formations (similar to Cottonwood Canyon Road in southern Utah).
GuadalquivirBadlands-327-19: A wash by the primitive road.
Badlands-Hoya-de-Guadix 454-19: Badlands northeast of Granada.
Badlands-Hoya-de-Guadix487-19: Badlands at sunset northeast of Granada.
Badlands-Hoya-de-Guadix498-19: View of the Badlands after sunset.
Torcal827-19: Limestone formations in El Torcal de Antequera Nature Park, west of Granada.
Torcal 875-19: View from one of the trails in the park.
TorcalScrew923: “The Screw”.
TorcalMtn.Sheep917-19: Mountain sheep resident in El Torcal Natural Park.
Torcal 944-19: More weathered limestone formations.
TorcalSunset960-19: Overview of the limestone formations looking southwest to northern Africa.