The first week of the trip was in Barcelona where visits were made to the Familia Sagrada Basilica in the city and Montserrat north of the city.

FamiliaSagrada2-19: A symbol of Barcelona and Spain. The Basilica has been under construction since the late 19th century and still has decades more work until completion.
FamiliaSagrada131-19: Stained glass panel colors were coordinated to the natural exterior lighting at different times of the day.
FamiliaSagrada30-19: Morning view north of the Basilica.
FamiliaSagrada63-19: View from inside the Basilica.

FamiliaSagrada41-19: One of the northern entrances to the Basilica.
FamiliaSagrada90-19: View of Basilica details and the city from one of the towers.
Montserrat272-19: View of the Monastery grounds from a trail.
Montserrat242-19: Another archway on the Monastery grounds.
Montserrat204-19: Inside the Monastery Chapel.