J. Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the most frequently visited of all of the National Parks, receiving millions of visitors each year. However, most of the park is remote, where a hiker in the Canyon may see only a dozen souls per day on the trails. The vast majority of people stay on the North or South Rims and enjoy the many spectacular views into the Canyon. Along the North and South Rims there are many ways to enjoy the great views from walking just a few feet out of the car to taking four-wheel drive vehicles and hiking in the back country. To have an experience hiking in the Canyon, without camping under the stars, one can stay either at the Lodge at Supai or at Phantom Ranch.



Yaki Pt. 6-92; Yaki Point, South Rim at sunrise.


North Rim 9-03: Smoke from a north rim fire in Crystal Canyon.



North Rim Sunset-34-90.



Kanab Point 2-08: Kanab Point, North Rim after sunrise.


Buck Farm 7-03: East of Cape Royal at sunrise.


Desert View Grand Canyon 11-95: Colorado River.


Jump-Up Point 17-07: Jump-Up Point, North Rim at sunset.



Point Sublime 1258-15: Point Sublime, North Rim at sunset,



Crystal Canyon 1167-15: Crystal Canyon Overlook, North Rim.


Pt.Sublime 11-04

Point Sublime 11-04: Point Sublime sunrise.