U. Acknowledgments


Many friends along the way have contributed to my travels, photographs, and experiences in the Southwest. I need to thank Kate Sease (Page, Arizona) for the many wonderful back-country trips to and individual psychotherapy sessions at various destinations in northern Arizona and southern Utah over the last 16 years. Another friend and fellow photographer I need to thank, is Donna McNeil, who hiked and photographed with me many areas in the Southwest, especially in the Superstition Mountains and Sedona. I also thank Carole Devillers (Albuquerque, New Mexico) for the opportunities during her workshops to photograph balloons, scenic landscapes, and historic architecture in New Mexico. I am also grateful to the photographers (Jerry Sieve, Jim Steinberg, Derek Von Brieson, Suzanne Mathia, LeRoy DeJolie, …) leading the Arizona Highways photo-workshops I had the good fortune to attend.

MuddyBoots 1-11

Muddy Boots 1-11: After a messy hike with Kate in Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon, Escalante-Grand Staircase, National Monument, Utah.

Special Thanks

I want to thank my Dad, who went along with my idea of traveling west in 1970. His support to do this as well as his willingness to make a tradition of yearly trips west, started it for me. These trips have been gifts throughout my life; and I’ll never forget who did the first giving. Dad, I love you for it.